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Summer in Paraguay

28 Feb

The end of summer is finally in sight, which means I am wrapping up a bunch of projects and starting on some new ones. Here are some of the things I did over the summer in Paraguay:

-Started an exercise group for women in my community and had fitness competition that included 3-day-a-week workouts and once-a-week health talks on everything from self esteem to healthy eating. My friends Kevin and Joanna came up to help out with a demonstration on cooking with vegetables.

Kevin doing cooking charla

-Taught 2 basic English classes, one for kids and one for teens.

-Wrote a monster report on what exactly I plan to do here in Paraguay.

-Started a reading club with kids from the local soup kitchen/community center. Each week we read a new story and did art projects, word games and other fun activities.

Reading Club

-Took a very motivated teen from my site to a 4-day national leadership camp.  (Check out the rest of the photos from the leadership camp on Flickr)

Alba and Amy at Leadership camp

-Helped my super-motivated teen start a youth group in my town after the camp.

youth group

-Took another teen from my site to a national business case competition. There I worked with my friend Vicki to help mentor a team in the competition. (Check out the rest of the photos from the business camp on Flickr)

JEP competition team

-Worked on assorted tourism projects and did a lot of planning for the future.

-Took some R&R time to see more of Paraguay and hang out with other Peace Corps volunteers. This included a visit to Salto Cristal, a very lovely waterfall. (Check out the rest of the photos from Salto Cristal on Flickr)

Amy with Salto Cristal

-Watched birds.

monk parakeet

-Enjoyed life in my town.

Sunset from my balcony

It was a very full, very fun summer. Now let’s see what fall has to offer.