Ahecha – Youth Photography Project

9 Oct

Throughout September I taught photography lessons to youth as part of the Ahecha photography project. This national initiative provides a set of cameras to volunteers so that they can teach photography to kids in their sites. I manage the project’s website, and help them with marketing, so it was awesome to finally get the chance to get the camera kit and put it to use in my town.

Cesar snaps a picture of Juan Carlos, taking a picture, as I look on in the background

Through the class, I taught very basic photography concepts, like perspective, color, light and movement, to 3 separate groups in my community: kids at the Cultural Center (ages 8 to 12), kids at the soup kitchen (ages 6 to 16) and members of my youth group (ages 13 to 24).

Rafael applying the perspective lesson

Rafael applying the perspective lesson

Sara snaps a photo

For most of the participants it was their first time every using a camera. It was fun to see the gusto they had for snapping pictures. It was also extremely rewarding watching them absorb the lessons each day, and then apply them on our daily photo walk.

A photo of Ayelen using perspective


The kids were obsessed with taking flower photos

Animals: the second most popular photo subject


Another popular subject: me


Fernando captured this door and flower

We ended the course with a photo scavenger hunt in the main plaza, which was a lot of fun.

Capturing movement during the photo scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

Ayelen and Rafael check items off the list during the scavenger hunt


Samira captures a reflection during the scavenger hunt


Cesar takes a shot to illustrate light

I had over 60 kids participate in the classes over the course of a month and a half, and they managed to capture some great photos. I am grateful to all the kids for their never-ending energy and enthusiasm, which made teaching the class super fun for me.

CCT class

Photography students from the Cultural Center

I’m currently working on putting together a local exposition of their photos so that their families and other community members can see their work.

Check out more of their photos on my Flickr page and check out the Ahecha blog to see photos from youth all over Paraguay.


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